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ICS Summer Program
BNUZ International Chinese Studies Summer Program

International Chinese Studies Summer Program

Features of the Program
This is a truly international program that features classroom instruction by foreign and Chinese professors, as well as field trips and internship opportunities in Chinese companies.
All credit courses are taught in English with an opportunity to improve Chinese language skills in a short time of period.
All Credit courses are made to match typical similar courses taught in a Western university so such credits could be transferred back to their home universities.

Courses offering

Part I

Credit Courses:
CHST1023: Chinese Language and Literature Part 1 (3 credits)
This course provides an introduction to the Chinese language, including the development of the student’s ability to correctly pronounce ‘standard’ (Putonghua) Chinese, to read and write characters, and to understand some of the basic elements of daily conversation. The course will also introduce the students to Chinese literature and poetry.
Course Instructor: Dr. Charles Beaupre, Canadian Director of the Confucius Institute at Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Canada, and Professor at Beijing Normal University Zhuhai.

Modern China: History, Politics, Business and the Economy (3 credits)
This course examines a number of topics in the life of modern China from the founding of the People’s Republic in 1949, with particular emphasis on the period from the late 1980s through to the present day. Given that this course is taught on the Zhuhai campus of Beijing Normal University, this is a unique opportunity to examine the important role that Guangdong Province has played in modern China. Among the topics that will be covered are: a survey of modern Chinese history and politics; the creation and development of China's Special Economic Zones (SEZs); and the development and success of a number of Chinese enterprises that will be used as case studies.
Course Instructor: Dr. Robert Perrins, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Professor in the Department of History & Classics at Acadia University, Canada, and Professor at Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai.

Contemporary China: Politics, Law, Culture and Inter-cultural Communication (3 credits)
This course involves a number of seminars by local experts in the subjects of Chinese law, politics, folk customs, and inter-cultural communication. These seminars will be held on a number of nights over the three-week program, the internships, as well as two academic field trips to local historic and cultural sites.
Course Instructors from Beijing Normal University (Zhuhai Campus): Dr. Zhang Mingyuan Zhang, Professor and Dean of the School of Chinese; Dr. Fu Ailan Fu, Professor and Vice-President, and a Member of the Standing Committee of Zhuhai Municipal People’s Congress; Mr. Bill Bu, Visiting Researcher at the Research Institute for International Chinese Language and Culture; WU Youming, PhD of Law, Director of Guangdong D&S Law Firm, National First-grade Lawyer, Vice President of Guangdong Lawyer Association.

Part II
This program also offers unique internship opportunities for the registered students in local companies and organizations. In these internships, the students will be immersed in a real-life environment that involves both the Chinese language and culture.

Program Schedule

Week 1  Morning: CHST1013
 Afternoon: CHST301313
 2 Nights: Seminar Series (CHST4013)
Weekend  Academic Field Trip to Zhuhai and Zhongshan
Week 2  Morning: CHST1013
 Afternoon: CHST3013
 4 Nights: Seminar Series (CHST4013)
Weekend  Academic Field Trip to Humen and Shenzhen
Week 3  Morning: CHST1013
 Afternoon: CHST3013
Week 3  Final Course Exams
Weeks 3 to 5  Internships

Registration and Program Costs for the ICS Program at BNU-Zhuhai

Tuition and Student Fees
(Includes the fees for all three credit courses, all course
materials, local field trips, and internship placements.)
 10000 RMB / person
Room and Board at Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai Campus  Room fee: 50 RMB / day
 Dining fee: 50 RMB / day
Please be noted that the minimum number of registered students required to run this program has been set at 20, and if this enrolment cannot be reached then the program will be cancelled. We do not, however, anticipate this being an issue.

Office of International Affairs, Beijing Normal University Zhuhai
Ms. Fang: 0086-756-6126501
Address:NO.18 Jingfeng Road, Tangjiawan, Zhuhai, Beijing Normal University Zhuhai
Post code:519087
Canada: Mr. Bill Bu: 001(902)448-8892